Every political committee must designate a treasurer before it can accept contributions or make expenditures. Designate your treasurer on your Statement of Organization. Treasurers must ensure committee reports and statements are complete, accurate and timely. This is a significant responsibility, if there is an enforcement action against a committee, the treasurer is usually named as a respondent. Treasurers can be found officially (or, in some circumstances, personally) liable for the actions they take.


Our primary services include the following: Sign and file all committee reports and statements. Deposit receipts in the committee's designated bank within 10 days of receipt. Authorize expenditures or appoint someone else (orally or in writing) to authorize expenditures. Monitor contributions, ensuring they comply with legal limits and prohibitions. Keep records of receipts and disbursements for three years from the filing date of the report to which they relate.

Certified Management Accountants by 2022 Consulting


A committee can't raise or spend money unless it has a treasurer. For that reason, the FEC and 2022 Consulting encourage every committee to designate an assistant treasurer for your political campaign and on your Statement of Organization. If your treasurer resigns or is unavailable, the assistant treasurer can perform any of the duties listed. With 2022 Consulting we can be your trustworthy campaign treasurer and assistant treasurer to meet FEC compliance.

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